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Yangyidi Ye is an Iowa licensed Chinese attorney. As the leading lawyer and firm manager of Causey & Ye Law, Yangyidi has been focusing on criminal defense, immigration law, business law, and China - U.S. investment.

Yangyidi is appointed by Chinese Consulate-General in Chicago as Liaison of Chinese Consulate Protect. Currently, she is the legal consultant and one of the board members of Iowa Chinese Association. She also founded the Chinese Student Legal Aid Center of Iowa State University in 2015. In 2016, Yangyidi received the International Community Leadership Award from Iowa Secretary of State; in 2017, she participated the Training Campaign for Overseas Chinese Elites in Beijing Tsinghua University as the representative of the Iowa State. Yangyidi has participated in multiple campus dispute cases regarding students, serious criminal cases, federal immigration cases, cross-country acquisition and merger cases. 

Yang’s goal is to bridge the gap between the Chinese and U.S. business communities by specializing in immigration, international corporate law, and tax policies. She currently consults for startup, small, and midsize companies with international elements or shareholders, and assists them with employment and immigration issues as well as communicating with federal, state, and local governments regarding licensing and taxes.Academically, Yang focused on immigration, financial account reporting, business regulations, and taxation. In addition, she wrote several papers regarding immigration reform, EB-5 investments, foreign investment taxation, and the strategy behind using foreign tax credits and foreign tax deductions. 

Causey & Ye Law, P.L.L.C.

 考西 & 叶氏联合律师事务所


Yangyidi Ye, Causey & Ye Law's leading American licensed Chinese lawyer, provides various immigration services, criminal defense, business law services to the clients in American and the clients from China.


叶阳依迪是获有美国律师执照的华人/中国人律师。 作为考西叶氏律所的首席律师和律所负责人,叶阳依迪专注于刑法,移民法,商法,中国-美国双边投资。