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 考西 & 叶氏联合律师事务所




Family Law Going through a divorce or separation is never easy. We understand and are here to help. We guide and support you through this difficult process. We provide honest advice and cost-effective solutions so that you receive everything you are entitled to under the law.  

Prenuptial Agreement 婚前协议
Separation and Separation Agreements 分离和分离协议
Divorce (contested and uncontested) 离婚
Opinion Letter on foreign divorce 海外离婚的提议书
Child Custody and Access 孩子所有权和探望权
Child Support and Spousal Support 孩子的支持和配偶的支持
Family Property Division 家庭财产分割
Child Protection Matters 孩子保护事宜
Collaborative Family Law 家庭法

We hope to reconcile disputes without going to court. This saves time, money, and reduces stress and emotional harm to our clients. Unfortunately, not all family disputes can be resolved this way. If required, we will not hesitate to initiate court proceedings to protect our clients’ rights and safeguard their interests. Before the court, we will provide tough and fearless representation.  

如果你面临分居、离婚或其它家庭问题,我们会聆听你的情况,并为你提供诚实 的法律意见。家庭纠纷可能为你带来巨大的困惑、压力、甚至恐惧,因此你需要 寻求专业律师的意见,以度过难关。考西叶氏联合律师事务所会向你详尽解释你 在这些过程中的权利和义务,为你订立一套处理目标,并指导和代表你为达到这些目标而需要经过的每一道法律程序。 考西叶氏联合律师事务所提供的婚姻家庭法服务包括:  

· 婚前协议 (Prenuptial Agreement, Marriage Contract) 
· 分居或离婚协议 (Separation Agreement) 
· 有争议离婚、协议离婚 (Divorce, Uncontested Divorce) 
· 儿童监护权和探视权 (Custody and Access) 
· 子女抚养费和配偶赡养费 (Child Support and Spousal Support) 
· 家庭财产分割 (Division of Family Property, Equalization Payment) 
· 婚姻住房分割 (Matrimonial Home) 
· 儿童保护问题 (Child Protection Matter) 
· 收养 (Adoption) 
· 协同家庭法 (Collaborative Family Law) 
· 外国离婚意见书 (Opinion on Foreign Divorce) 
· 家庭法上诉 (Appeal) 

我们一般的方式是试图和解并解决纠纷避免上法庭。这样经常节省客户的时 间,金钱,和减少压力和精神伤害。不幸的是,不是所有家庭纠纷都能这样解 决。如果需要的话,我们会毫不犹豫的开始准备进行入法庭为了捍卫我们客户 的权益,我们会强硬无畏进入法庭为我们的客户辩诉。