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孙凤泽于2011年从中国江西来到美国。孙凤泽投入了大量的精力参与爱荷华华人协会各项事宜,为爱荷华州的各行各业的华侨华裔提供社会帮助和支持,也组织策划各式各样的华人社区节日活动。孙凤泽曾志愿帮助过各种重要的项目和活动,如年度巴菲特股东大会中国投资人聚会,爱荷华国际青年领袖营,爱荷华代表团访问蒙古,美国无国界教育等等。2014年,爱荷华州共和党办公室聘孙凤泽作为志愿实习生。为了亲身体验美国政治文化,她通过给选民打电话和挨家挨户上门调查的方式为州候选人做宣传。最后,经过全州公民投票,共和党在本次大选中大获全胜,成功获得了多个重要的州级职位。2015年,她被正式推选进入爱荷华州华人协会董事会,成为有史最年轻的董事成员。同年她获得了由州长亲自颁发的爱荷华州志愿者最高荣誉奖项,州长志愿者奖。随着美国总统大选将至,尊重人权和热爱律法的她积极参加各个总统候选人的演讲和志愿帮助竞选活动。 她于2017毕业于爱荷华州立大学。

Manager Assitant

International Student Legal Aid Program Coordinator






International Student Legal Aid Program

This program is established by Causey & Ye Law to provide 10-15 minutes free legal consultation for international students and scholars at Iowa State University. Laws and rules in the United States may be very different from countries where most international students come from. Without enough or proper knowledge, many international students get into trouble by dealing with legal issues inappropriately.

Please make an appointment at least a week earlier.

Avaiable appointment time: Tuesday, 10AM - 4PM
Program Coordinator Muse        


Story County 法律援助中心


为了响应芝加哥大使馆领事保护项目,考西叶氏联合事务所 (Causey & Ye Law. P.L.L.C.) 为Story County 区域的中国学生学者和华人华侨提供的不超过两个小时的免费专业法律服务




可预约时间: 每周星期二,10AM - 4PM




Muse came to the United States in 2011 from Jiangxi, China. Since 2013, Muse has dedicated a tremendous amount of time and effort into her volunteer work for the Chinese Association of Iowa (CAI).  Her volunteer work includes promoting and holding events including the Berkshire Hathaway’s Annual Meeting for Chinese Investors Reception, Iowa Youth Leadership International, Presidential Youth Leadership Initiative, and The Embassy of Mongolia and U.S. Education without Borders. Muse also volunteered as an intern for the IOWA GOP primaries in 2014. She made hundreds of phone calls and went door-to-door to communicate to and inspire potential voters for Republican candidates. In 2015, she was elected as a director of the board - the youngest one in the history. She was also presented with the Governor's Volunteer Award of 2015, a great honor of State-level Recognition. Throughout the Presidential election, Muse stays actively involved in election events and campaigns.  Muse is a strong advocate for human rights and justice in law. She graduated from Iowa State University in 2017.