Causey & Ye Law provides services helping expelled student or student
whom is facing visa/I-20 termination for various

reason. Our team includes study abroad specialists and immigration lawyers. We offer legal, fast, efficient,

and comprehensive protection of the interest of students, allow students to reduce losses and maintain legal status,

and enter academic track as soon as possible.


a) Reinstatement 重新激活学生身份业务

SEVIS Termination: Termination of a SEVIS record (an I-20) is very serious and can have many negative consequences

for student and his/her ability to stay in the US and attend school. Termination means that you are not in legal status

(“out of status”) per the Department of Homeland Security.

Reasons for Termination of
a SEVIS record include, among others:
- Unauthorized Employment
- Unauthorized drop below full course of study
- Expulsion and suspension
- Failure to enroll in classes


- 未经认可的雇佣
- 未经认可的取消全日制课程
- 开除和吊销
- 入学失败

Causey & Ye Law can guard your petition for reinstatement, smooth your communication with the Immigration Department, Embassy, and Border Control

b) Re-enter the U.S. with a New or Old Student Visa 使用新或旧的学生签证重新进入美国

Student Misconduct, immigration violations, and Criminal Convictions could cause the termination of
student visa. When a student reapplies a student visa, he/she should be very careful about the information on the DS-160. Causey & Ye Law could help them to prepare the DS-160 and related documents.


Meanwhile, a student can experience
different level of difficulties when he/she tries to re-enter the United States with a valid visa. In worst situation, the Border Control can deny his/her entry. Causey & Ye Law can help to have a smoother re-entry.



Student misconduct is when a student allegedly breaches a University Rule and the student's action considered 'misconduct'. The misconduct can be academic or non-academic. A student can be brought before academic or professionalism committees for many reasons like below. If found guilty, the sanctions
be anything from suspension to dismissal. Especially, the misconduct could cause permanent harm to an international student, such employment, immigration, and even criminal consequences. It would leave a negative record on your transcript, cause a termination of the student visa, troubling of reentering the U.S., or facing criminal charges. 
学生不正当行为是指当一个学生根据被指控违反了大学规章并且这个学生的行为被视为“不正当”。不正当行为可以是学术或非学术的。一个学生可能由于类似以下的各种原因被带到学术或专业委员会面前。如果被判定有罪, 制裁将是从停学到退学之间的某种方式。尤其是不正当行为可能会对国际学生造成永久性伤害,例如就业、移民和甚至刑事后果。它会在你的成绩单上留下一个负面的记录,造成学生签证的终止,回美困难,或面临刑事控告。

Examples of misconduct include but are not limited to:
- cheating, including purchasing an assignment via the internet or sharing work with another person, and submitting as your own work
- plagiarism
- misconduct in exams, including unauthorized material
- research misconduct
- fraud, falsely signing documents, forged signatures, false statements
- impersonating another student, or arranging for anyone to impersonate a student
- interfering with the freedom of others
- damage to property
- bullying, including cyber bullying
- discrimination
- harassment
- inappropriate behavior
- not complying with a penalty imposed or a directive issued to you
- making an unauthorized disclosure and/or misusing Student Security Identification.

- 作弊,包括经由网络购买作业或和其他人分享成果,并且作为你自己的成果提交
- 抄袭
- 在考试中的不正当行为,包括未授权的材料
- 研究中发生的不正当行为
- 欺诈,错误的文件签字,假冒签字,虚假陈述
- 假冒另一个学生,或者让某人假冒一个学生
- 限制他人人身自由
- 破坏财产
- 欺凌,包括网上欺凌
- 歧视
- 骚扰
- 不合适的行为
- 不配合下达的或直接指定给你的惩罚
- 作出未授权的泄露信息并且或者滥用学生安全身份证

Causey & Ye Law experiences as trial and appellate attorneys to assist you in your academic and disciplinary disputes throughout Iowa.

Causey & Ye has handled cases of academic or disciplinary disputes and appeals involving:
- Accusations of plagiarism and cheating, honor code and golden rule violations
- Sexual assault
- Accusations of stalking and harassment
- Dismissals based on failing grades or failing clinical assignments

- 被控告抄袭、作弊、黄金荣誉规章的违反
- 性侵犯
- 被控告跟踪和骚扰
- 由于挂科或临床课业失败

Students normally have a right to appeal these matters. It is important to have a knowledgeable attorney on your side to defend yourself. Many times, there are very strict and very short time periods in which to elect to defend yourself or appeal an adverse academic or disciplinary ruling. Contact education and school law attorney Causey & Ye Law immediately to preserve and protect your rights and reputation.


Causey & Ye Law provides representation to clients throughout the state of Iowa. Causey & Ye Law will provide you knowledgeable and aggressive representation to pursue the best possible outcome in your legal matter. Call today for a free consultation with an experienced school lawyer.

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